Thursday, October 26, 2006

Monica Belluci, Dogs & Akharas

Jabberwock compiles a dozen wicked sentences written by him, which, for one reason or another, were expurgated from the stories they were meant to be in (and, in at least one case, caused a minor strain in his relationship with an editor) -

– The dogs are expected to walk in a 360-degree arc around the outer ring with their forelegs placed at a small height and their hind legs dragging along the floor; unfortunately, not all of them know this.

– "Main aap se sirf Hindi mein baat karoonga," says the muscular, Adonis-like Russian juggler, folding his hands in greeting, even as the parrots flap their wings and shriek. "Aur yeh hai meri dharmpatni, Svetlana."

– No one, not even the Outlook photographer, is going to persuade me to enter an akhada that doesn't have Monica Bellucci in it.
The Devil loves it when otherwise predictable A-listers write wicked posts!

Wicked Meter Rating: 7/10.

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