Monday, October 23, 2006

Oh Yeah, My Dad is a Snake-Charmer!

Sayesha uses sarcasm against stereotypes -

Yes, we kill all the female infants at birth. Except, of course, those who look like they're gonna bring home the Miss Universe or Miss World crown.

Oh yeah, my dad is a snake-charmer. All dads in India are. You didn't know that?? Really??

Yeah, it's our culture to sing and dance around coconut trees. Our ancient texts specifically mention it.

Yeah, that's how we wear a sari. We lay it flat on the floor, lie down against one edge and just roll and roll till we reach the other end.
She does become a little boring when she switches to the 'yes, but hah! strategy, but it's a slow weekend for The Devil, so...

Wicked Meter Rating: 5/10.

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