Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tamizh Student Tops Hindi Board Exam

Tamizh boy Arun Kedarinathan writes about his trysts with learning Hindi and his ambition to become a Hindi professor to show the Northies that where there's a Tamizh, there's a way -

As I stood up to read... an audience would gather... Several primary school teachers would stand by the class door admiring the flawless diction and command I had over words like "kyon ki", "nahin" and "isiliyae". None of them knew Hindi but like the sole Hindi newscast on the only TV channel (it was just DD then and yes I'm from the stone age), I was pretty much the only source of entertainment for many. Some predicted pundithood and at least a few were sure that I was prequalified for a "Ji" at the end of my name.
The Devil noted, BTW, that Arun even writes his English posts using Hindi grammer, in all smalls, without any CAPITALIZATIONS. Such single-minded dedication!

Wicked Meter Rating: 6/10.

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Ravages said...

He's Arun Kedarinath btw.

Desi Devil said...

The Devil is much obliged, dear sir.

catcharun said...

what? ravages is wrong.. the devil's right..

ravages, dude, my name is on my u always use ur rss reader :)

may evil prevail