Friday, November 17, 2006

The Papdits Revisited

The Devil first blogged about 'The Papdits' almost ten days back, but couldn't watch the pilot episode (it is available for viewing only in the US). Now, 'The Papdits' is out on YouTube and The Devil's verdict is that it is wickedness itself.

The opening titles has a catchy tune -

The Kenya born Nitin Ganatra plays Gopi, the head of the family, with delightful wickedness. Ganatra has appeared in Mistress of Spices (2005) as Haroun, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) as Prince Pondicherry and Bride & Prejudice (2004) as Mr. Kohli. Priya Ayyar plays wife Ritsi and delivers deadly dialogue with deadpan innocence. Madhur Jaffrey plays Ritsi's mother, but has little to do in the pilot episode.

The Papdits start off by going houseboat shopping and scandalize the houseboat rental manager by sharing too much family history -

Ritsi: (referring to her daughter Sita) She's very good swimmer. When she was baby, she is falling from bridge into the river and she swimming all the way back to shore. We don't know how she got out of sack.

Manager: That's an awful... (realizes the sack's significance) okay.
Gopi: Tell me, how deep is this water?

Manager: Well, generally speaking, it can go anywhere from ten feet to hundred feet of water.

Gopi: I see. So if, for example, (referring to his mother-in-law) you are an old lady and you're falling in the water and you're a little bit weak, and maybe taken too much Valium, with no life preserver, she could possibility die.

Manager: There's always the possibility. You may want to take precautions for that.

Gopi: No need. No need.

The Papdits visit a counsellor to become the future business leaders of America -

Ritsi: Recently Bhaskar is having an idea to start a business.

Counselor: What is your idea?

Bhaskar: My idea is to start a business.

Counsellor: (Awkward silence) Okay. Excellent.

Ritsi: My husband is a very good businessman. In the last year, he started about eighteen businesses...

Counsellor: Oh! Wow! That's great!

Ritsi: ... three are still going this year. (More awkward silence)

Gopi and son Bhaskar try being caddies and much awkwardness follows -

Bhaskar: (As golfer readies himself to hit the ball) Hit... hit...

Golfer: (Finger on lips) When you're hitting... in golf... real quiet... okay?

Bhaskar: Okay. (Shouts as Golfer hits the ball) Do it!

Gopi: You hit tree!

Ritsi shows them how it is done in India at the home interior party -

Ritsi: (Takes out a letter and reads it out to the hostess) My husband has given me note which says "I, Gopi, have issued my wife five dollars to have fun night out and to gossip with other housewives, and buy trinkets for RV. Please count money (Hostess counts) and sign it is five dollars as proof she has not stolen from me." Please sign here. (Hostess signs)

Ritsi tries to sell Tupperware food containers to her neighbours -

Ritsi: Today we will be selling a brand new product, called the food storage contained. they are made from special type of glass called plastic. These are all very useful for keeping food for surprise visitor, or in time of famine. For example, you are eating one Dorito chip, you only want to have (takes a bite), you can put it back, cover, remove lid, fresh!

The Devil is all eyes for the next episode, but there isn't likely to be one -
Unfortunately, the pilot is going to suffer from both Borat comparisons and from being late to the single-camera, improv party. The Papdits is worth a look, but it's tough when there are so many shows out there doing aspects of what The Papdits is trying to do, but better. (link)
Wicked Meter Rating: 9/10.

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