Monday, December 04, 2006

Wicked Little Black Dresses

Like a lot of other wickedness, Chandru is behind this one. It all started when he sent Amit a link to Top 10 Affordable Little Black Dresses for Plus-Size Women, and started off a debate on big vs small -

Amit digs big -

Listen, big asses are glorious things. Abundant hips are joyous. No man has ever complained about a woman being too chesty. All you dieting women out there, on the orders of India Uncut, instantly go and consume a chocolate. And an ice-cream. A gellato, while you're at it. What's that, jalebi? Go right ahead! Let today be your Eat-For-Happiness Day.
- while Saket is all for small -

Melon sized boobs are so ugly. That is the reason I never liked Pamela Anderson (or Rakhi Sawant even). Thats the reason I don’t prefer porn made by Vivid Video. Big boobs mean distorted nipples. Lots of large chested women have all-aeriole and no nipple. And that sucks, seriously (Err… to be more precise, that is actually more difficult to suck). I think small but shapely breasts are yummy. Size can go to hell. As an afterthought, I think I would love to have sex with Kate Moss. Is there something wrong with that?
Well, small or big, a little black dress is a little black dress and a little black dress is a wicked thing indeed.

Wicked Meter Rating: 6/10.

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