Saturday, October 21, 2006

Navel-Gazing or Sepia Reflections on Identity?

Anna - the original wicked desi woman at Sepia Mutiny - returns to form with a post on revealing the right amount of brown skin, being propositioned by strangers and finding comfort in (what else?) comfort food:

Though I have learned my lesson and no longer wear anything remotely cute while on 18th street, lest I encourage the invasive jerks who plague my new ‘hood with their assault attempts, all my modest, flesh-concealing layers were barely adequate for the autumn chill. “Ay, Mami…where you going? Come on in.” Three confused desi promoters speak Latin to me half-heartedly. It’s Sunday night and the strip is dead. I think they’re more bored than serious. I smile as I pass them, right before one of them asks the other, “Was she Indian?” That’s the question of the day, apparently.
I read Sepia Mutiny as much for the comments as for the posts themselves and here's Anna at her comment-warring best:
Anonymous: Oh no, more navel-gazing parading as reflections on identity. I'm outta here.

Anna: Oh, no! More craven commenting parading as wit, I'm so glad you're ANONYMOUS and sparing us your value-free presence.

Wicked Meter Rating: 8/10 (2 points for the comment section).

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