Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Older Men & Vampires

Rimi shares her deepest, darkest sexual fantasies with a woman journalist who is... well... a little overwhelmed -

Rimi: (bites her lips) I like older men. You know? Really older men. And… I have these force fantasies about them.

The woman journalist's jaw drops. Her high-powered glasses slip down her sweaty nose a fraction of a centimetre making the (uncovered) upper half of her eyes bulge, but she doesn’t even notice.

Rimi: (with fake hurriedness) It’s not what you think! I don’t want them to rape me! Strictly speaking (knowing 'bad girl' smile). But you know (drops voice) I want them to have complete power, total control over me. I’d love to be like a slave to their merest whims... only sexually, of course.

Woman Journalist: (gulps) Er...Uh-hum... Um...

Rimi: Plus, most of these men would be married, with kids, probably. So there won’t be those leechy issues with emotional involvement. You know?

Woman Journalist: You mean, you don’t want to get married? Having children is not one of your fantasies?
And I haven't even talked about the part where they talk about vampires!

BTW, Rimi, The Devil likes vampires too!

Wicked Meter Rating: 9/10.

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