Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Six-Pack Abs & Hot Dieticians

After he couldn't fit into his favorite flat-front cordroys, Sidin decides to join the gym -

A gym membership is to disposable income what a blackhole is to light, a Vadukut is to spicy fish curry and a Bush is to crude producing nations without democracy. These memberships grab impressionable young men and women in their evil sweaty tentacles and suck them dry till the victim is left with no personal wealth except small change and Sodexho passes in awkward denominations.

Yet, in spite of the inevitable financial challenge, everyday thousands of young men weighing millions of kilos fork out hajjar for gym memberships. And they do this with rosy visions of high impact cardio programs, macho free weights routines, six-pack abs and, most importantly, for a decent shot at the hot dietician who comes in once a week.
The Devil, of course, already has six-pack abs!

Wicked Meter Rating: 8/10.

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