Monday, October 23, 2006

A Rabbit in the Bedroom

eM really pushes the envelope in a post about... err... ahem... you know... (Ah! even The Devil blushes sometimes!) -

Sex is fun, sure, but if you're at a certain stage in your life and/or you're a little bit picky about who you allow to see you naked, there's only so much action you can get anyway. And though (whisper) masturbation (unwhisper) is something everyone does and no one talks about, it just makes you feel sadder and lonelier and a little bit more like a loser, if your Saturday night involves a Bacardi breezer and Anais Nin. It's a little bit closer to admitting to old age and death and the fact that eventually you're going to be huge and obese and your butt cheeks are going to meld into your leather arm chair and they will find you, with Cheetos spilt everywhere, an inquisitive cockroach on your nose, dead, with your mouth hanging open and your underwear around your knees.
More power to 'Sex & The City'! More power to 'The Rabbit!' The Devil is delighted!

Wicked Meter Rating: 10/10.

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