Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rebound Boyfriend Services

Chandru offers a suite of his services to other bloggers as Selective Amnesia Services Ltd. -

Rebound Boyfriend Services: My ego is vast, unbound and limitless. Whatever little dent it might suffer from being the second choice boyfriend will be negligible. Especially because I have enough experience in this field. I will console you, buy you copious amounts of coffee/ice cream and help heal your poor soul back to normal. In return, you will promise to read my blog and comment on 4-5 posts. That should in return patch up that above-mentioned dent.
Chandru, now that The Devil has linked you twice, why don't you... well... start servicing?

Wicked Meter Rating: 7/10.

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1 Wicked Comments:

Ravages said...

We shall. Immediately.