Sunday, October 22, 2006

Shoe-Shopping & Sex

M on her love-hate relationship with shoes -

Someone once said shoes are like comfort food to a woman. Shoe shopping can be emotionally satisfying, psychologically therapeutic, self uplifting, mood elevating and can even improve your sex-life. Or so I have been told. And although I could never hold a candle to Claire or Carrie, needless to mention Imelda Marcos, there was a time, back in India, when I would go shopping just to find the perfect pair of shoes. And yes, it was everything shoe shopping is made out to be. That is... until I came to the US.
Now, M, if show-shopping can improve your sex-life, and you haven't been doing it, have you been doing it? (Oops! Too wicked!)

Wicked Meter Rating: 5/10.

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Lodema said...

It's so interesting......