Friday, October 27, 2006

Why Good Girls Dig Bad Boys

Sudhish and Shonali on why good girls dig bad boys in their wicked wicked series 'He Says, She Says' -

He has a snarling tiger tattooed across his gasp-worthy biceps. His hair hasn't seen a shampoo bottle in weeks, and looks like its been chewed by his pet dog (who's probably called Tarantula). He wears a black leather jacket that's evidently seen happier times. And zooms about town on a wicked-looking bike. Of course, he's irresistible.
The Devil, as you know, is the original bad boy! More power to bad boys!

Wicked Meter Rating: 8/10.

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3 Wicked Comments:

Anna said...

So .. the Devil is a chauvinist, eh?
Why doesnt Shonali deserve a link?

Anna - again. said...

oh.. and its 'Sudhish' not 'Sudhir'.
Do get your facts right.

Desi Devil said...


The Devil likes nothing better than linking to interesting women-bloggers, but Shonali has a non-blog... :D

And thanks for pointing out the typo. The Devil's mind races ahead and the fingers follow far behind...