Sunday, November 05, 2006

Donna Sonia

The one in which Mahendra Singh Dhoni experiments with his hairstyle, Shohaib Akhtar admits to doping, topless village women plough the fields to woo the Rain God and Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh are caught on candid camera at Broadbay Bar. Cyrus Broacha presents "Donna Sonia", a "The Week That Wasn't" special -

SG: So, Emanuello...
MS: Madam, Manmohan, Manmohan...
SG: Yes, yes. Tell me, do you have any view on how to do this re-shuffle?
MS: Madam, no idea, absolutely no idea.
SG: All right, all right. Show me those who have been loyal.
MS: Loyal...
SG: Quickly, quickly, Emanuello, err, Manmohan...
MS: Loyal... (hands her a pack of cards)
SG: See how we do. We shuffle, (shuffles the cards) and then we reshuffle.
MS: Oh! I see!
SG: (throws cars on the table) External Affairs - Pranob! Information - Ambrish! Defence - Antonio! Labour - Oscar! Santino! Lutiano! Paolo! Emmanuello!
MS: Manmohan... Manmohan... Madam, I am already Prime Minister.
SG: Oh, shut up Emanuello, and stir my tea.
MS: Yes Madam... Madam... (stirs the tea). Madam! Can I ask you a question?
SG: Hmmm?
MS: What so we do with the hundreds who are waiting for portfloios?
SG: Emanuello, with them we play the game of "Patience".
Donna Sonia indeed!

Wicked Meter Rating: 10/10.

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