Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sexed-Up Su-Do-Ku

First, it was "The Tabloid of India", then the other North Indian dailies followed, and, now, even the so far staid South Indian newspapers are falling in line. Anand Ramachandran reviews the new, improved, tabloid-like Deccan Chronicle -

Sexed-Up Su-Do-Ku – In their crazed efforts to give sex appeal to every square inch of DC, the editors present a new take on the annoyingly popular Su-Do-Ku puzzle. Instead of boring old grids and numbers, the puzzle will now simply feature a blurred picture of a swimsuit model downloaded from the net. At last, all those who are too dumb to solve Su-Do-Ku can now enjoy the popular craze.
The Deccan Chronicle, it seems, is learning from DesiBlogging. Who wants to read boring filter blogs - err, newspapers - anyway?

Wicked Meter Rating: 7/10.

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2 Wicked Comments:

The Enigma said...

Soon there will come a time where there will not exist an Indian newspaper that reports facts without plastering good looking, scantily clad bikini models all over their articles.

A new business opportunity, perhaps?

Anand Ramachandran said...

Yeah. Even respectable publications like Son of Bosey have succumbed to this malaise. The cowards.