Tuesday, November 07, 2006

His Father Wanted to Know What Clothes I Wear

What do three supposedly intelligent, attractive, single women talk about when they meet up for coffee and conversation? Ex-boyfriends, prospective husbands (and their fathers), and bitching about their husbands-to-be, same place, same time, next year -

His father wanted to know what clothes I wear.

Did you tell him? Bikinis and shorts.

*dirty look* Hmph! We said salwar-kameezes and trousers to work.

I don’t believe this! You actually answered that?

Yeah. And then he wanted to know what I wear at home!!!


*disapproving look* I thought of saying - saree with a ghoonghat.
What about burqas - The Devil wonders.

Wicked Meter Rating: 8/10.

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IdeaSmith said...

Thanks for the link...it sent a stream of visitors my blog's way. Also...burqa is what was originally said...a printer's gremlin changed it to 'ghoonghat'!