Sunday, November 12, 2006

Horn OK Please, or The Devil Drives a Taxi

After watching 'Horn OK Please' (via Ultrabrown and DesiPundit) The Devil wants to take a week's vacation from work and drive around a taxi in Mumbai! Such endless possibilities for wickedness!

'Horn OK Please' is a nine minute film inspired by director Joel Simon´s journey in the heat and frenzy of Mumbai. It follows a monotonous day in the life of an Indian taxi driver whose goal is to earn enough rupees to buy the air-conditioned taxi of his dreams. (link)
The film, with its multitude of curious characters, is a montage of the madness that is Mumbai. However, even in this treasure trove of wickedness, two scenes stand out -

A rather shady looking man woos a woman in the backseat of the taxi -

Jaaneman, main tumhe dil aur jaan se chaahta hoon. Tumhari yeh bhari aankh, yeh bhari naak, yeh bhare hoonth... main chumma lena chahta hoon!

(My life, my heart, I love you more than my life. Your full eyes, your full nose, your full lips... I want to kiss you!)

- but is frustrated when our taxi driver honks the horn at the crucial moment. Such a sadist!

A shrill shrew of a woman endlessly cribs to our taxi driver -

Arre, kahan se ja rahen hain aap? Idhar se jaa rahein hai ki udhar se jaa rahein hai. Aapko maloom nahin hai kya? Arre meter kahan hai dikhaiye, pahle. Hamein maloom nahin hai kya? Hamein pagal samajh ke rakha hai kya?

(Hey, where are you going from? Don't you know the way? Show me the meter first. Don't I know your ways? Do you think I am mad?)

- until she turns into a bird (hen?) in his imagination.

Now, watch the wickedness below at MySpace -

- or head over to YouTube.

And, when you step into a taxi in Mumbai next time - take a long hard look at the driver - you might be in for a ride with The Devil!

Wicked Meter Rating: 10/10.

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