Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bald Bartenders, Ultra-Protective Fathers & Nelly Furtado's Duck Dance

These two are as different as chalk and cheese. Rup (or, Rupinder Magon) has his roots in Punjabi spiritual music and Q (or, Qurram Hussain) started off with rock and alternative. Together, they make music as 'Josh' -

Josh's new song 'Mahi Ve' (from the just-released album 'Mausam') is out on YouTube now -

'Mahi Ve' is not 'Kabhi', but grows on you on repeated listening. The video is shot in Mumbai, and The Devil loved Q's wicked hairstyle, but hated the rather bizarre platform-on-the-sea dance sequence.

Here's 'Kabhi', by the way (mellow and smouldering at the same time, and the bald bartender is a nice touch) -

Josh has also done a few talked about remixes with Nelly Furtado, including 'Maneater' (Furtado dances like a duck and the video is more awkward than wicked, but the remix rocks! "Kudi Pataki!") -

- and 'Powerless' (Furtado is at her so-weird-that-she's-cute best and the video is uber-wicked) -

- and also one with Sukhbir - 'Ban Far Ke' (typical Bhangra video, but the ultra-protective father twist is funny) -

The Devil will be watching out for more from 'Josh'.

Wicked Meter Rating: 7/10.

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