Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a Nose Thing

The one in which Primalsoup is not allowed to pierce her nose because her mother thought that it would destroy her only redeeming feature -

(The nose) is one thing that couldn’t go through much damage with age and allied discomforts. I mean, one could become fat. Lovely hair at age three and receding hairline by 25 happens all the time. Honey like skin at age eight can rapidly deteriorate into chronic acne by age 16 and beyond redemption by age 25. Lovely eyes at age 14 can deteriorate to thick glasses by Age 17 (while trying to max your Multiple Regression blah) and long sight by age 40 and cataract by age 58. The nose on the other hand can’t go too wrong.
She did have her nose pierced, by the way, when a "particularly gorgeous Mookutti, made of three obscenely large stones" became part of the proposition. What will mothers not do for their family jewels!

Wicked Meter Rating: 6/10.

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