Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oh Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Why do atheists avoid using the word "God"? Why would somebody torture their tongue and say "Oh Flying Spaghetti Monster!" instead of "Oh God!"?. Gawker ponders over similar wicked questions and lobbies for using the Lord's name in vain -

In fact, if anything, atheists should be using the word "God" even more frequently than religious people. Kind of like how black people took away the offensiveness in the word "nigger" by adopting it for their own use. "Hey Godlover", they should call each other. "Wotup Gawd" could be the new hip salutation, heck, the possibilities are endless. Uttering the Lord's name in vain, wouldn't that be the best way for an atheist to celebrate atheism?
Why not "Oh Devil!", The Devil wonders.

Wicked Meter Rating: 8/10.

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