Friday, October 20, 2006

Will You Take a Shower With Me?

Sunshine takes a shower with her neighbour:

You know what? I would be taking the shower. So you could take it with me.

Holy shit!!!! I just dropped my jaws and stopped dead in my tracks. He did too. How did this guy make such lewd remarks and still manage to look so cool and unperturbed? In fact, he was smiling a faint smile. He didn’t look drunk. He didn’t look like a rapist either. But wait, the fact that he is a rapist isn’t ever written on a man’s face, is it?

What did you just say? I was trying hard not to lose my calm. Carefully, I squinted in the sun to look at his face as he repeated his offer again.
Before you get all hot and bothered and head for the shower, let me tell you that she's being a bit of a tease here. But being a tease is wicked too, no?

Wicked Meter Rating: 5/10.

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