Monday, November 13, 2006

Cry, Baby Cry

The one in which Amardeep spends sleepless nights, walking up and down, waiting for his baby to fall asleep; thinks about reciting poetry to him while walking ("the sound of iambic pentameter is said to be soporific"); but ends up singing Beatles songs ("Cry, baby cry/ Make your mothers sigh") and travesties of old Hindi film songs about sleeplessness instead -

It seems to me the trope of sleeplessness in Hindi film songs comes from Urdu and Persian poetry, where lovers take great pride in their romantic insomnia. It's definitely a little irreverent to play with the tradition in this way, but really, why not? As they say (and again, I'm travestying it), whatever gets you through the night...
The Devil, by the way, is humming "Raat Baaki, Baat Baaki". The Devil, as all of you know, is a sadist.

Wicked Meter Rating: 6/10.

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